The Vaka Motu ‘Okeanos Aotearoa’ was originally named ‘Rangi’ and built in 2013 here in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The Vaka Motu ‘Rangi’ was launched in 2013 and set sail for Tahiti to start inter-island operations for tourist between the mainland of Tahiti and Makatea.

Makatea is an old phosphate mining island which is no longer active and has since become a big tourist attraction which can only be reached by boat, thus, perfect for our vaka.

The vessel then became involved in transporting materials for the Fakarava lagoon vaka which was built and used to do 3D maping of the lagoon.


In early 2015 she sailed to Tokelau via Rarotonga and Samoa to assist a film company that made a documentry on solar power in Tokelau. From there she sailed to Tonga to participate in the birthday celebrations of the King of Tonga in July 2015. Following the celebrations, she sailed to Rarotonga where she settled for sometime. She then departed in November for Aotearoa, New Zealand, to get a refit and a face lift to prepare for her next journey.

In early 2016 her name was changed from ‘Rangi’ to ‘Okeanos Aotearoa’, and in June that year she went to Tonga to successfully trial an eco whale watching experience. She returned to Aotearoa in October 2016. In Auckland the vessel was used for harbor tours and later, in 2017, for tours in the Bay of Islands (offered by the Explore Group).

Okeanos Aotearoa is now undergoing a refit at Salthouse Boatbuilders in Auckland.

Okeanos Aotearoa is part of the Okeanos Foundation Pan-Pacific Network